a series of online workshops
civic peacebuilding with international experts and practitioners
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Peacebuilding self-organized. South Caucasus and
the Karabakh war.
civic peacebuilding
We use it as an umbrella term that includes grassroots diplomacy, antiwar activism, reconciliation work, dialogues, collective trauma healing, and more. Our key interest is in what can empower people and local communities (including across the lines of conflict) to collectively act for peace.
Peace Lab is:
1. A series of online workshops with experts and practitioners from diverse backgrounds: from academics to grassroots activists. Those are monthly meetings held in English. We are originally a Russian initiative, yet we invite the global community to join.
2. Interactive sessions facilitated by us in between the workshops. They are meant for networking, reflection and processing the takeaways from the workshops.
3. Part of our dream is the global community of peace activists that exchange experience, practice solidarity and support each other.
About the project
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Mary Kaldor
Human Security, civil society and new wars

Mary Kaldor is Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics, author of the book New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in a Global Era, co-founder of Helsinki Citizens' Assembly.

How do we conceptualise modern hybrid complex wars? And more importantly, how do we rethink the global security in the world based not on “national security”, but rather human security. What role does civil society play in peace-building, what can it do and where does the modern peace-building movement stand.

Dmitry Makarov is a human rights defender, trainer on human rights, citizen oversight and campaigning. Co-author of the course on Civic Facilitation. Co-chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group.
Vlad Sakovich is a group processes facilitator, psychologist, peacebuilder. Co-author of the course on Civic Facilitation. Facilitator of Open forums ­on war for Russians.
Daria Lyakhova is an alumni of the course on Civic Facilitation, participant of the community of facilitators; organiser of ­the local "Club of the lonely hearts"; moderator, parent.­
In a d'Artagnanian way, she participates in all the occasions that are close to her heart.
Dasha Rudneva is a researcher, activist, aspiring facilitator and citizen of the world.
She is engaged into multi- and interdisciplinary methods. Alumni of the course on Civic Facilitation.
The project is a follow-up of some of our previous initiatives: the workshop with Adam Kahane and
the course on Civic Facilitation.

If you’d like to join the Peace Lab team, suggest a speaker, a topic or another idea – reach to us at civicfacilitationlab@gmail.com
Lena Sheliagina is an independent researcher,
biologist, expert in circular economics. ­She researches the system transformation of
the present for the future.
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